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  • Your defined benefit pension plan

    Retirement planning can be complex. But you can rest easy knowing that as a member of the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan, you belong to one of the country's most respected and financially secure defined benefit (DB) pension plans.

    Your pension is based on a formula that's calculated using your earnings and the length of time you have been contributing to the Plan. Once you start receiving a pension, you receive it for life. That means your pension payments won't be directly affected by the ups and downs of financial markets.

    The Plan has other features, including buyback options, early retirement benefits, inflation protection, survivor and disability benefits, and portability.

    When can I retire?

    Choosing your retirement date may be one of the most important decisions you make. HOOPP is here to help you through the retirement process.

    To help you choose the right date for you, HOOPP's pension calculator will estimate how much you will receive in retirement. Our pension comparator can show you how the value of your HOOPP DB pension compares with defined contribution (DC) plans and annuities.

    Changing employers

    Over 490 employers in Ontario's healthcare sector offer HOOPP. That means you can take your pension with you when you move from one HOOPP employer to another. Our website has more information about your options when you change employers.

    Resources and information

    For your convenience, our website provides beneficiary, spousal, buyback, disability and health leave forms, as well as access to member booklets and information sheets.

    HOOPP prides itself on being a recognized leader in the pension industry and continues to provide exceptional service in delivering on our pension promise. Over the next few years, HOOPP will be enhancing the experience for members to improve the way you interact with us.

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    Find out more about how HOOPP advocates for retirement income security for all Canadians, and how you can become a DB Ambassador.  

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  • Contact us

    Our dedicated Client Service Representatives are here to help. Representatives are available at 416-646-6445 or toll-free at 1-877-43HOOPP (46677) between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

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  • When can I retire?
    The later you retire, or the more eligibility service you have – the larger your pension will be.
  • Calculators
    Estimate your pension at retirement, using dates that you select.
  • Calculators
    Estimate the cost of buying back past service and how it might benefit you.
  • Videos and Webcasts

    Our videos and webcasts are a great way to learn about your defined benefit pension in easy-to-watch installments.