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    Changes and leaves

    Personal changes and leaves

    Change is the one constant in life – whether it’s changing jobs, starting a family, health problems, depending on the type of change, your HOOPP benefit may come into play.

    How your plan works when you can’t

    If the unthinkable happens and a disability leaves you unable to work for extended periods of time – or not at all – you can rest assured that your Plan can help to minimize some of your financial worries.

    HOOPP provides two disability benefits:
    • Free accrual - contributory service for which you do not contribute; this allows you to continue to build a pension as if you were at work
    • Disability pension - an immediate lifetime pension, with no reductions for early retirement

    To be considered for disability benefits, there are a number of steps to take, including the submission and approval of your medical forms. HOOPP is here to help. By contacting our Client Service, we can walk you through those steps and determine the benefit for which you may qualify. For more information, read Here For You: Disability Guide.

    Taking a leave

    As outlined in the Employment Standards Act (Ontario), you can choose whether or not to make contributions for:

    • pregnancy leave
    • parental leave
    • family medical leave
    • emergency leave
    • organ donor leave
    • family caregiver leave
    • critically ill child care leave
    • crime-related child death and disappearance leave

    You can also choose to make contributions for strike or lock-out periods. 

    If you decide to contribute for these periods of time, your employer must contribute as well.

    It’s important to remember that contributing for a leave will increase your basic lifetime pension. You can make HOOPP contributions while you’re away, either during your leave or as a lump sum no later than six months from the end of the leave. Please contact HOOPP to discuss which option works best for you.

    Long-term leaves

    For employer-approved leaves that are 31 days or more - apart from those that are allowed under the Employment Standards Act as listed above - members may contribute as long as the employer approves the request and agree to contribute also.

    Short-term leaves

    For employer-approved leaves that are less than 31 days - apart from those that are allowed under the Employment Standards Act as listed above - contributions are mandatory for members and employers.

    Family changes

    HOOPP is with you through all life changes. When you experience a personal change, it's a good idea to let HOOPP know.

    Getting married

    Your qualifying spouse will by law, receive spousal benefits, unless a spousal waiver is signed. When you retire, your qualifying spouse remains your beneficiary for any benefits payable upon your death, even if you later divorce or remarry. 

    If you marry, re-marry or enter a new spousal relationship after you retire, your spouse may be able to receive benefits upon your death. It is important to contact HOOPP for more details as there are many factors that need to be addressed.

  • Personal information changes

    It’s important to let HOOPP know whenever your personal information changes so that your record can be kept up-to-date.

    Depending on the type of change, there are many ways you can change your personal information with HOOPP easily and quickly.

    HOOPP Connect HOOPP Client Service Your Employer
    Address (pensioners and deferred pensioners) Name (pensioner and deferred pensioners) Address (active member)
    Home telephone/fax numbers Social Insurance Number Name (active member)
    Home email address Date of birth  
    Language preference    

    If you are correcting your date of birth, Social Insurance Number or a legal name change, HOOPP needs you to provide proof of your change. HOOPP will accept one copy of a:

    • valid Canadian passport
    • birth certificate
    • baptismal certificate
    • citizenship papers
    • valid Canadian driver's licence
    • valid Ontario Photo Card

    Alternatively, HOOPP will accept a copy of any two of the following documents:

    • valid foreign passport
    • expired Canadian passport
    • Ontario picture health card
    • Canadian immigration papers
    • marriage records
    • Ontario age of majority card

    If none of these documents can be obtained, HOOPP will accept a statutory declaration of your age, made before a judge, lawyer, Commissioner of Oaths, or notary public.