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2019 Year in Review

You inspire us everyday

inspire us every day

"After long careers in healthcare..."

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"Nurses care for and show compassion..."

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HOOPP Investment Management

"It is truly a privilege to have ..."

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HOOPP Public Affairs

"After long careers in healthcare, my mother and mother-in-law retired with income security thanks to HOOPP. Remembering their hard work inspires me to work every day to deliver on our pension promise to them, and thousands of other healthcare workers."

HOOPP Finance

"My mother spent the last few weeks of her life in the same hospital where my children were born. Nurses care for and show compassion to patients and their families when we are most vulnerable, sharing some of the happiest and saddest moments of our lives. Their compassion inspires me, and I am proud to protect their pensions so that they can retire with dignity."

HOOPP Investment Management

"It is truly a privilege to have the opportunity to meet and interact with our members on a day-to-day basis. I feel inspired knowing that people who work so hard taking care of us can rest easy knowing they will have a secure and dignified retirement."

HOOPP Public Affairs

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We welcomed approximately 10,000 members to the Plan as a result of five healthcare pension plans merging into HOOPP. Mergers increase the size of the Plan and provide greater flexibility to members to build their pension within the healthcare sector.

HOOPP is now offered by 594 employers across Ontario.

Small Healthcare


Small healthcare

Small Healthcare



Small Healthcare


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Community health centres

Investing to pay pensions

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10-year return: 11.4%

Among the best in the world for pension plans

To ensure that we have enough to pay pensions, today and in the future, we use a liability driven investing (LDI) approach. Investments in the Fund are divided between two portfolios:

A portfolio that protects against inflation and provides steady cash flow, by investing in fixed-income assets and real estate

A portfolio that provides growth while balancing risk, by investing primarily in public equities, corporate credit and private equity

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2019 Highlights


Our bond investments protected the Fund from a decline in long-term interest rates.


Strong returns in public equities, corporate credit and private equity helped the Fund grow.


As part of HOOPP’s five-year strategic plan, we established an infrastructure investment strategy to help contribute to Fund growth. This asset class aims to:

  • strengthen portfolio diversification
  • generate strong returns while balancing risk in sectors such as utilities, energy, transportation, communications and data
Here’s what the Plan’s strong financial health means for you:
Watch the video: Fully funded explained a 2% increase to pensions for retired and deferred members
Watch the video: Fully funded explained unchanged contribution rates through the end of 2021

Investing responsibly

Responsible investing continues to be an integral part of how we invest. This means we consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, including sustainability, in our risk-based approach to investing.

Climate change is a key area of focus for us. In 2019, we conducted a climate change assessment in our Real Estate portfolio, and we are expanding this analysis across our other areas of investment.

As the ESG landscape continues to change, we are evolving our approach in a way that delivers value to our members.

Our commitment to sustainability standards in real estate was recognized with two prestigious awards at the IPE (Investment & Pensions Europe) Real Estate Global Awards 2019.

Our commitment to sustainability was recognized with two prestigious awards at the IPE (Investment & Pensions Europe) Real Estate Global Awards 2019.

Keeping security a priority

We continue to enhance our cybersecurity practices and systems. One of our key initiatives was supporting the secure transition of our systems to a cloud environment, giving us greater access to cutting-edge technologies.

We also focused on enhancing our internal training and education program to provide more opportunities for staff to:

  • build awareness of cybersecurity risks
  • better understand their role in protecting confidential member information

Providing personal service

Providing you with excellent service is as important to us as your pension is to you. With our members’ needs in mind, we continued to enhance:

HOOPP Connect

by making it easier to access your pension information using your mobile device

Our service approach

with a dedicated specialist who has been assigned to you when you have questions

Advocating for retirement security

We held a special event on October 8 where we unveiled the findings of our latest commissioned research. It highlights that Canadians understand the important role that pensions play in providing retirement security.

Our pension advocacy aims to help preserve Canada-model pension plans like HOOPP and broaden access to their most successful features to help make retirement more affordable for everyone. Learn more about HOOPP’s advocacy efforts.

Saying farewell to Jim Keohane

After 21 years at HOOPP, Jim Keohane is leaving his position as President & CEO as of March 31, 2020, to start his retirement.

"I have been inspired by the hard work, commitment and dedication of those who work in Ontario’s healthcare sector. It has been my privilege to lead an organization that is committed to providing a secure retirement pension for those who take care of us. As I begin my retirement, I know that HOOPP is well positioned for the future and has a great team in place to continue to deliver on our pension promise."

Jim Keohane

HOOPP’s Board has appointed Jeff Wendling as HOOPP President & CEO, effective April 1. Learn more about the Board’s decision.

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