2016 Year in Review

At HOOPP we are investing for our future. For the past 55 years, we have been focused on one mission: paying pensions to our members.

We continue to invest in the Plan, in our technology and in our industry-leading initiatives to help provide stability and foster growth in the decades to come.

Strong, Steady Growth

Cultivating success
Cultivating success

Funded Status

122 %

Net Assets

70.4 $ billion


10.35 %

Our liability driven investing (LDI) approach helps ensure that pensions for every member are backed by assets in the HOOPP Fund. This strategy balances risk with return over the long term. Our LDI portfolio has two main components.

1The Liability hedge portfolio is invested in bonds and other fixed income and real estate to protect against inflation and generate steady cash flow.

2The Return seeking portfolio is invested in public equities, corporate credit, and private equity to provide growth while balancing risk.

HOOPP has one of the highest returns of any pension plan globally over the last 10 years.

Hear more about our financial results from HOOPP President & CEO Jim Keohane.

Keeping it real (estate)
Keeping it real (estate)

Our team of real estate investment professionals is committed to making sure that our properties provide long-term stability for the Plan, and help protect the environment.

A few of our real estate holdings include:

1 2 3 4 5
Our 10-year compounded return is over 9% – that’s among the highest of any pension plan worldwide.
Caring for the environment
Caring for the environment

For the second year in a row, HOOPP won the Sustainable Strategy Award at the 2016 IPE (Investments & Pensions Europe) Real Estate Global Conference & Awards. This prestigious international award honours best practices and innovation in real estate.

Learn more about Responsible
Investing at HOOPP.

Our new home
Our new home

In 2016, we moved our offices to 1 York Street, a new HOOPP-owned, energy-efficient LEED®-certified platinum building in the south core of the Financial District in downtown Toronto.

Our new location gives us space to grow through the coming years.

The annual return is not necessarily the best metric to focus on…

Hear more about HOOPP's investment strategy from Jim Keohane.


The Need for
Retirement Security

To retire with dignity, seniors in Canada need to be able to rely on a secure income. DB (defined benefit) pensions are the most efficient way to provide this income. We commission research, speak out, and raise awareness about the importance of DB plans.

Uncovering the facts
Uncovering the facts

Our latest study, conducted by the University of Toronto, shows that many seniors are negatively impacted by the rising costs of long-term care, home care, and other out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

It found that:

1 people in low-income groups are most affected 2 women over age 85 are the most vulnerable 3 one-in-four women don’t have a sufficient income before long-term care costs 4 nearly half (44%) don’t have a sufficient income once they need long-term care
Raising awareness
Raising awareness

Media coverage helps us educate the public about the benefit of DB plans. There were more than 8,300 media mentions about HOOPP in 2016, including articles in:

In a Sept. 26 column in The Toronto Star , Jennifer Wells explains the risks behind the troubling shift away from DB plans. Here’s how Jim Keohane sees it: In a stealth way, the risk has been dumped from the corporation onto the Canadian taxpayer.
The November issue of CIO magazine asks What’s next for HOOPP? and calls HOOPP’s transition to LDI in 2003 light years ahead of its peers.
Expanding our resources
Partnering with policymakers

Through regular meetings, HOOPP keeps in close touch with provincial and national decision-makers so we can bring our expertise and perspective to the table when pensions are discussed.

In November, HOOPP President & CEO Jim Keohane and other pension plan leaders met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

If you can change people's opinions at a grassroots level, that's where you can be effective.

Learn more about our DB advocacy efforts from Jim Keohane.

Protecting DB plans
Protecting DB plans

What can you do to help protect DB plans, like HOOPP, for future generations of workers?

Sign up today to be a DB Ambassador.

We now have


DB Ambassadors. They help us spread the word that DB plans are the best way to provide a secure and reliable retirement income for Canadians.

DB Ambassadors receive regular information about how DB plans:

 reduce poverty and the need for government support among seniors

 inject billions of dollars into the Canadian economy annually

 rely on professionals to make difficult investment decisions

Become a DB Ambassador to learn more about the benefits of DB pensions.

Join the conversation about how DB plans deliver retirement security! Follow us @HOOPPDB We launched a new DB Advocacy section on our redesigned website. It’s a one-stop shop for research, videos, and newsletters that can help you spread the word.

Our Commitment to
Service Excellence

Who we serve
Who we serve
321,860 TOTAL MEMBERS 204,166 Active Members 92,007 Retired Members 25,687 Deferred Members 83% of active members are female 17% of active members are male 68% of active members work full-time 32% of active members work part-time
Our redesigned website
Our redesigned website

We redesigned hoopp.com, one of our largest communication channels.

Now our website:

 is more accessible to users, even on mobile devices

 is easier to navigate

 has improved content so members can better understand their pension

Our new online services and pension system
Our new online services and pension system

About 10,000 members are now participating in the pre-launch of our new online services and pension administration system. A small group of employers, on behalf of all of them, are also taking part.

With the full launch in 2018, there will be a dramatically enhanced online experience for members on HOOPP Connect and on our secure site for HOOPP employers.

Stay tuned for more exciting details!

EMPLOYERS 516 145 144 83 61 49 34 Small healthcare Hospitals Service providers Foundations Community health centres Family health teams
EMPLOYERS 516 145 144 83 61 49 34 Small healthcare Hospitals Service providers Foundations Community health centres Family health teams
We're here to help!
We're here to help!

We provide our members with clear information in-person, over the phone, and online so they can make informed decisions about their pensions.

In 2016, we had more than 250,000 interactions with members and employers.

more than


member and employer
phone calls were answered


members attended HOOPP
information sessions


members visited our office
for walk-in meetings

Going digital
Going digital

We use different channels to communicate with members so we can provide the information they need, when they need it.

Our numbers show that in 2016: