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  • Forms & resources


    HOOPP offers a number of resources for our pensioners, including forms that you can download at your convenience.

  • Provides HOOPP with consent to disclose information to a third party.

    Complete this form to let us know about your spouse and or other beneficiaries. You can also use this form to update the beneficiary information we have on file. 

    Use this HOOPP form to report a change in your name, address or banking. Do not use this form for a change in beneficiaries, instead use the Pensioner Beneficiary Designation Form.
    This form can be used by a pensioner who has a new spouse after retirement and wants to provide spousal benefits. Conditions apply.
    Use this HOOPP form if you receive a HOOPP pension, but also work (or plan to work) for a HOOPP employer, to find out how much additional pension you'll get if you temporarily stop your HOOPP pension and resume contributions.
    Many HOOPP pensioners ask us if returning to work will somehow reduce their HOOPP benefits. The answer is no, and in fact, there is a way you can increase your HOOPP benefits.

    The TD1 forms allow you to manage the taxes deducted from your pension. There are both federal and provincial/territorial forms. Complete only the federal TD1 form to have additional tax deducted from your pension. Complete both the federal TD1 form and the TD1 for your province/territory if you have tax credits that entitle you to reduce the tax withheld from your pension. For residents of provinces and territories except Quebec.

    Use this form to claim federal and provincial tax credits if you are a resident of Quebec.

  • Answers to your most frequently asked questions about the cost of living adjustment and how it affects your HOOPP pension.
  • *Legal sized forms are formatted to fit on 8.5 × 14 inch paper.

    Forms should open automatically in your browser. If they do not open, you may need to download the current version of Adobe Reader.