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  • Welcome to the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP)

    We are a defined benefit (DB) pension plan that is dedicated to providing a secure retirement income to more than 309,000 workers in Ontario's healthcare sector. More than 490 employers across the province offer HOOPP to their employees.

    With more than $63 billion in assets, HOOPP is one of the largest defined benefit (DB) pension plans in Ontario, and in Canada. Our proven strategy and track record of investment returns have made HOOPP a leader among its global peers.

    Our mission is to deliver on our pension promise. Our core values – professional, accountable, caring, collaborative, trustworthy – drive our identity as an organization and help guide the way every day for our employees.


    HOOPP is fully funded. This means it has more than enough assets to pay pension benefits owed to members today, and in the future.

    Learn more about our investments, read our most recent Annual Report and watch our Annual Results video.


    Our Board Members, President and CEO, and Executive Team are driven by the same mission to deliver on the pension promise.

    HOOPP has a responsibility to care not only for our members, but for the community as a whole.

    For more than a decade, HOOPP has been a proud supporter of the United Way. We have also received international recognition for our environmental initiatives.


    HOOPP and other DB pension plans help Canadians retire with peace of mind, and add billions to the Canadian economy. We all benefit from DB pension plans; that's why HOOPP advocates for them. Find out more about how HOOPP's DB Advocacy Program.

    The Pension behind the Promise

    Our pension promise begins with the HOOPP Plan Text, the official Plan document which is the legal foundation of the Plan. This document is available through our website, in its entirety, as a measure of good governance.

  • Fast Facts
    Did you know...
    1. 309,079 active members
      and pensioners
    2. 494 participating
    3. $63.9 billion in net assets
      available for benefits
    4. Approximately $1.9 billion in benefits paid last year
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  • Latest News
  • The Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) honoured its property managers and tenants for excellence in energy performance and environmental sustainability at a ceremony last night in Vancouver. The annual LEAP (Leadership in Environmental Advancement Program) awards were presented at Marine Gateway, HOOPP’s newest LEED® Gold mixed-use development created in partnership with PCI and Triovest.
    The Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) today announced its funded position was 122% at the end of 2015, up 7% from 115% in 2014. As a result of the stable funding position, contribution rates made by HOOPP members and their employers have remained at the same level since 2004.

    According to a new study conducted by Boston Consulting Group (“BCG”), Canada’s ten largest public pension funds (“Top Ten”) continue to drive impressive investment growth and remain key players on the global stage during a period of challenging economic conditions both domestically and in major markets globally.

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